Nonprofits in the Real World

It seems like this story of the Los Angeles Clippers and their unfortunate brand black eye has been dominating the news. Somewhere in the melee there was an announcement from the local chapter of the NAACP that they would be canceling the presentation of its 2014 Humanitarian Award – an award intended to honor a lifetime body of work. For an organization whose mission is to fight discrimination this was an obvious conflict. Given everything that is coming to light (again in some cases), you have to wonder why in the world there was even a plan to give him the award.

The answers lie in the mission of the organization and what it takes to accomplish that mission: donors. Corporate charitable donations have long been considered PR for a company. In more recent years, “corporate citizenship” has become the spin on these donations. I’ve worked for and volunteered for several nonprofits and the reality is that like sales, it’s much easier it to be able to get one large donation as opposed to having to build to that same amount over several smaller ones.

Unfortunately, this latest incident of a nonprofit not seeing the forest for the trees is going to force many organizations to review their acceptance policies and probably research the character of those donating a little deeper. But the nonprofits you and I help each and every day can’t stop doing the good work they’re doing. The money has to come from somewhere. It has to come from you and me in a variety of ways.

Give NOLA DayOn Wednesday, May 6, many communities are participating in a day of giving to benefit large and small organizations. Give NOLA Day is just one of those efforts. It’s being organized by Give Local America.

Give Local America is a movement to reignite the spirit of giving across the country and support causes in the communities in which we live, work and play. On Tuesday, May 6th 2014, join us in celebrating 100 years of local philanthropy thorough the work of community foundations.

You can search for your local or favorite community on their website and help keep good missions going strong. I encourage you to find your community, mark the date on your calendar, share the information and inspire your friends, families and co-workers and give.

Use this time to share the inspiration behind your charitable giving. My former co-worker Elissa Plastino and I shared some of our inspirations a couple of years ago on this blog. I invite you to revisit these posts and get inspired.

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Nonprofits in the Real World

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