Friday Five — 6/12/13

Vacation is over and it’s time for the Friday Five. These are the five articles, posts and readings that got me thinking.

loyaltyIt really is in the design. So often the guest experience, marketing, operations and architecture & design are developed and implemented in their own little silos. However, I think the design of the guest experience has to be central to anything. Think like the guest. Walk like the guest. The smart people at Forrester seem to think so too in this Loyalty 360 post.

Hello. Remember me? Your actual customer. One of my pet peeves is when I get an offer from a company I’m already buying from and it’s better than what I’m getting as a loyal customer. I guess that’s why I’m not necessarily a fan of theirs. Mack Collier explains the difference between businesses and rock stars in his latest post. Oh, and if you haven’t read his book yet, I recommend you do.

My latest adventure. A friend has asked me to help market a new book. This is absolutely new territory for me, but I think it will be very eye-opening to see how all my casino marketing tools apply. This thought leadership post by Peter Winick outlines a great roadmap.

Stay tuned for more on the book I’ll be marketing.

It’s all about soul. There are a handful of classic brands I love because they’ve got a soul that is undeniable. Harley Davidson is one of them. In this article, CMO Mark-Hans Richer tells the story of why it’s not about getting from A to B.

Clicks to bricks. I read this article about how online retailers want to move into physical spaces. It made me wonder about online gaming. We’ve been wondering if the advent of legalized online gaming is going to translate to revenue generated at our bricks and mortar facilities. Perhaps we should be thinking about increased bricks and mortar competition from online gaming companies.


I am LOVING Erika Napoletano. She doesn’t hold back, and why should she? This post was a favorite. We read article after article about managing a social media crisis. Perhaps the best course of action is to examine our brand culture and clear these land mines before they go “boom”.

Friday Five — 6/12/13

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