Time To Make Some Changes


“Your position is being eliminated.”

In the back of your mind, you always know this could happen, but your conscience self just keeps working away at preventing that. I won’t get into the whys or hows, but this is what happened to me just this week. Wow!

Day 1 was a decompression day, getting to do some of the odd chores I never seemed to squeeze in to my schedule and planning to tackle some of the others.

Day 2? Time to dust off that resume.

As I look back on this last chapter of my career I realize…I’m good with where I am. I came to reshape the brand presence of Isle of Capri Casinos, and that is what happened. Of course, when I got here, I wanted it to be immediate. It wasn’t. Six years in the making. One of the deepest economic dips any of us will remember. Restricted capital markets and yet somehow, this company has come out the other end as a more relevant, contemporary  experience for over a million active customers. Check out the Isle House of Brands.

It took a partnership with our agency The Media & Marketing Group, a partnership with the senior leadership of our company, a partnership in the field and a great team of clever creative people, but it happened slowly and solidly over time.

Mission completed. Time to move on.

Day 3 of “Jules Rules 2.0” ahead. P.S. Thanks to Jan Talamo for my new mantra.

Time To Make Some Changes

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