Meet Elissa Plastino

Today, I have the honor of sitting amongst several women who have marked achievements in business, community, family and sometimes all three. One such woman is someone I have the honor of working with every day, Elissa Plastino. She’s our brand manager, a volunteer with the heart to get all around her involved, and, most importantly, a wife and mother.

I decided to give you a little glimpse into Elissa the Brand Manager. Hopefully, you’ll see why she was an easy choice for me to have her join my team and honor today.Elissa_Plastino_0068

JC: Tell us a little about your background and what brought you to Isle?

EP: I’ve worked in public relations for 12 years in a variety of industries like sports, tourism, education and mental health. I joined Isle in 2006 when the company moved its corporate office (and my husband’s job) to St. Louis. Thankfully the company had a new job opening up in the marketing department that I was a perfect fit for. Not long after moving I was offered the position and started my new career in the casino industry!

JC: I remember when I asked you to move to brand marketing, you were visibly surprised. What was your biggest fear and did it come to fruition?

EP: My biggest fear was failure; I don’t like to fail. PR was where I was strong, but the new position also added advertising, brand marketing and various other duties that were unfamiliar to me. It was a whole new ballgame. I can confidently say that I didn’t fail and I think that’s because I’m not afraid to ask questions and/or admit when I don’t know the answer. If I didn’t understand a question/task/decision, I questioned it and gained a better understanding.

JC: What was the biggest surprise or challenge you encountered and how did you handle it?

EP: I think the biggest surprise was the increase in emails I started receiving on a daily basis! Wow! Suddenly there were lots of emails with questions, comments, different creative visions that needed to be worked through and more! I had to figure out my own system for staying on top of these things and not let something slip through the cracks.

JC: So, now that you’ve tackled brand marketing, what do you want to be when you grow up?

EP: Hmmm. Funny, this question comes up every year during annual review time! I love my job and hope to stay with Isle for a long time. I’m always up for taking on new projects and there’s never a shortage of those, so I hope my drive & work ethic will allow me to earn leadership positions within the company.

Want to know more about Elissa? Follow her on Twitter at @eplastino but be prepared (like me) to get involved in a host of non-profit work!

Meet Elissa Plastino

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