Meet Erin Willmann

Continuing my introduction to the marketers in my world, I’m shining the spotlight on the newest member of our corporate marketing team, Erin Willmann. Today, she is our digital marketing coordinator primarily tasked with enriching the content on our website and across the various social channels we have. She’s a little superstar so heaven only knows what she’ll be tomorrow!


Tell us how you got interested in the digital space?

I really credit my interest in Digital Marketing to Social Media Club St. Louis. During my sophomore year of college, a professor told my class about a group that was having a panel discussion about social media marketing and offered extra credit for anyone who went. When I met the people who were involved with Social Media Club St. Louis and listened to the panel discussion that night, I was hooked and knew that was the direction I wanted to take my career.

…And then you ended up at a casino company. What made you realize Isle would be a good place to start your career?

When the position opened up at Isle, I began doing research to find out more about the company. I eventually stumbled upon a See.Say.Smile. video about Isle’s courtesy program, and knew that this was the place that I wanted to start out.

I’ve always believed that it doesn’t matter how great your brand’s marketing or public relations is. If employees don’t understand how to build relationships with your customers, then everything else is a waste of time. I could tell from my own research that Isle’s philosophy seemed to match up with my own.

What’s been the biggest surprise or challenge and how did you handle it?

One morning I got a phone call from a customer who was upset over a bus that had been canceled in Lula. I wasn’t sure what exactly happened or how she got my phone number, but she was very frustrated and insisted that someone told her she needed to call corporate. I thought about all of the times I had been irritated with a brand for not delivering on their promise and considered those who had passed me off to someone else.

I calmly listened and wrote down everything she said. After she finished, I assured her that I would call someone from Lula and follow up with her later that day. (This is a perfect example of why everyone in the company needs See.Say.Smile. training!)

What has inspired you the most in this short time?

We’re always throwing something new at the marketing teams at each property, but they adapt to change well. It’s nice to work with other marketing people who are so open minded and willing to experiment with new ideas.

What do you hope to do in the next year?

Next year I hope to continue focusing on optimizing our digital marketing to enhance our guest’s experience with us online and offline.

So, now you know a little about Erin. I’m really excited to see what she thinks of a does for our company and our guests. Want to know more about Erin? Follow her on twitter at @tweeeterin.

You can also watch the See.Say.Smile. video here to see what sparked this new career path.

Meet Erin Willmann

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