My Favorite Christmas Commercials

I couple of weeks ago I read a Graham Robertson’s blog post entitled Some of the Best Christmas Ads I’ve Seen. It made me think about the commercials that I always remember. Interestingly enough, my favorite commercials aren’t a part of the big Ad Bowl that some people call Super Bowl (well, that is except for the ONE commercial I worked on that ran during the game, but that’s a whole other story).

To me, the commercials that run during the Christmas season are some of the best because they are part magic, touching on an emotion that can leave you teary eyed.

Remember that young man coming home to awaken his house to the smell of Folgers. There’s nothing better that being reunited with loved ones for Christmas. It’s possibly the best present ever.

Coca-Cola’s Christmas Hilltop Commercial

Of course, after seeing Norelco’s stop action commercial, I had to buy a new electric shaver for my dad, even though he already had a perfectly good shaver.

I had forgotten about this classic McDonald’s commercial. How great is it to give Santa the perfect gift?

And I just loved when the M&Ms came face to face with Santa. He DOES exist. I knew it!

Merry Christmas everyone! Make some great memories.

My Favorite Christmas Commercials

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