Adios Bad Advertising

I spend the vast majority of my days reviewing and revising advertising collateral. Get this. Win that.

I often say that casino advertising is not rocket science. People want a clear story on how to get what they want. Keep your eye on your brand and tell your story.

Today is Election Day and I couldn’t be happier. It’s not because we all get to participate in one of the most special rites of all time – electing the person that will move us into the next four years. I’m thrilled because tomorrow marks the end of the  political advertising season. I generally look at commercials as a mix between work and entertainment. I like to review, dissect and revise most commercials I see. I get great ideas for my own work. Unfortunately, I find it almost impossible to enjoy the ads which seem to be filling every commercial break lately. The negativity is astounding. It’s amazing that we’re left to choose from the candidate that’s “not as bad” as the other one. In our strategy sessions, we like to refer to that approach as the “We Suck Less Strategy”. It’s never a good place to start your vision.

From a brand perspective, it’s really hard to tell what many of these candidates stand for. What’s the story behind their brands?

Here’s my wish for the next four years. Let’s start seeing candidates for what they think and can do instead of seeing them for how much dirt they can dig up on the other guy (or gal). Political ads should be clear. Show me what I’m getting if I vote for YOU, not the other person.

Don’t forget to get out and vote today!

Adios Bad Advertising

2 thoughts on “Adios Bad Advertising

  1. Julia,

    We couldn’t agree more. Imagine your days not filled with generating a positive image for your brand but badmouthing all of the other casinos in your market. How do you think that would play out? Do you think that would create a positive impact on your guests and drive them to your doors? Don’t think so!

    1. Exactly! I would never drive business if I spent all of my resources bashing the casino next door. I have to know my brand and deliver on it. Let the other guys worry about doing the same.

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