Speaking In Tongues

My company is undertaking a long-overdue task of redesigning our website. So, content has been top of mind for me recently. Having just read a post  by Star Group’s Michael Cavicini,I though about how easily people use terms that my old boss, Steve Wynn, often referred to as “developer speak”.

Power Words


XXX-square feet

$$$$$ billion dollar whatever

He was right. These are all the types of terms that marketers throw out when they don’t have a good sense of what they truly have to offer or sell. These things are never your brand. The experience is the brand.

I even took a quick look at some casino websites and noticed some of the same developer speak. Interestingly enough, these platitudes don’t seem to translate to revenue.

The next time you start to write copy for your product or service, think about the benefit and the experience. Put yourself in the shoes of the customer and write the words that will capture their imagination. I know I’ll be a little more aware of the copy I approve today.

Speaking In Tongues

2 thoughts on “Speaking In Tongues

  1. Jason Porter says:

    Great to hear you are redeveloping your website(s). You are absolutely correct that the experience is the brand. So much emphasis today is on trying to capture the elusive “social marketing” that most companies lose focus of where their revenue streams and true reach are generated from. A poorly executed website, whether it be the presentation layer, content, and or functionality is just as detrimental to a company’s bottom line as is poor service or product. All websites, regardless of industry, have only two types of customers: new customers and existing customers. To this effect, successful websites must attend to both customers equally. In the casino industry you are limited as to the direct revenue you can drive from your website (hotel/dining/entertainment reservations, and to a lesser extent logo merchandise); therefore, building a compelling experience online through messaging, information and imagery is paramount to building loyalty, trial and awareness. Your website is your “Brand Ambassador”. Keep that as your focus through the redesign and you will help drive revenue.

    Good Luck

    Jason Porter
    Web developer and Former Isle employee

    1. Great to hear from you stranger! Remember when we did the first overhaul? You’ll be happy to know that with the right pieces in place, we’ve been able to maximize the available revenue stream from the website.

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