Say What You Want, But Do As You Say

We were developing new commercials for our properties to promote their giveaways and also a freshened approach to our slot pricing strategy. Practically at the same time as we were talking about our value-based proposition, everyone got word of JC Penney’s CMO “change”. As marketers, we all have opinions of what went wrong.

My opinion is the usual: If your marketing campaign doesn’t translate to the brand experience you’ll never make a change in your success.

So, now I have to turn that view inward and ask, “Are we operationalizing the brand experience we’re promoting?” For our property marketers, their responsibilities have evolved and changed in the most interesting ways. Yesterday, they had to make sure as many people as possible signed up for a players card. They had to make sure offers went to all of those people on a very regular basis. Finally, they had to make sure ads were running in all of the local newspapers.

My, how times have changed.

Today, they have to think of the brand and about ROI….and about the guest experience…and about what promoters and detractors might be sharing in their networks. I think all of this becomes really easy as long as you are delivering on your brand promise. Set on a firm foundation, the rest will come.

I’m sure you see examples of brands saying one thing and doing another. How would you have done things differently?

Say What You Want, But Do As You Say

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