Working For Your Gold Watch

Yesterday, I was chatting with my neighbor about being past my “sell by” date at work. Until very recently, I seemed to have this time limit of 2 years for employment at any one place.

I know that this short employment window must’ve given my parents pause to think I was not settling into a career. I know that none of my friends ever understood this sense of boredom that always seemed to overcome me. I even work with someone who looked at my office once and said I needed to “nest”. She said this to someone else just recently, and it made me realize that it was her way of knowing you were still going to be around.

It used to be that you got a job and you stuck with it until you got your gold watch for your years of service. People are so much more mobile now, and just when I got into an industry that seemed THE most mobile of all, I settled down past my sell by date! More than once!

I look back and I realize that I have one of the most exciting and exhilarating jobs of all. Although the customer seems to remain unchanged from year to year and from company to company, the competition does not. That makes it even more fun to think of new approaches and strategies. It makes working on the weekend seemingly “normal”.

Because you have the opportunity to move into different specialties, working in casino marketing is a great way to keep your job fresh and work toward that gold watch.

The ding ding ding of the slot machines continues to be music to my ears.

Working For Your Gold Watch

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