Feel the Hamptonality

O..O..Over and over, we try to prove our love to you.

Over and over, what more can we do.

Over and over, my friends say we’re a fool.

But over and over, we’ll be a fool for you.

’cause we’ve got Hamptonality!

As I mentioned in my last post, I spent a few days sharing great ideas relating to Internal Branding and Employe Engagement with a lot of really smart people representing some really good companies. Among them was Gina Valenti of Hilton Worldwide. She showed us how everyone, internal and external is feeling the Hamptonality.

I’ll admit. When Gina asked the audience to show by hands who had traveled to a Hampton and who the fans were. My hand stayed up. As a value-based product offering, I don’t think Hampton could do any better – always a clean room and bed, always a nice breakfast with a smile. Works for me!

From a brand perspective, I think their positioning lines up fairly identically to the one I try to strengthen every day for the brands I work on, Lady Luck Casino and Isle Casino. So, of course, I was more than just mildly interested to see how Hampton relates that positioning internally so that it can be expressed at every interaction.

What is Hamptonality? Check out this video.

Eventually this made its way through to the external audience in the form of a brand campaign.

Do me a favor. Go to YouTube and search for the term “Hamptonality”. I couldn’t believe the number of videos I found.

Thanks Gina! Thanks to you I have even bigger goals to accomplish.

Feel the Hamptonality

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