My First Column


I’ve been honored to be asked to be a contributor to a new resource for marketers called The Agency Post. It’s a new interactive publication for advertising, PR and marketing professionals.

After clearing the request by my boss, I had to tackle one of the biggest tasks before me: coming up with an editorial calendar so that I have some idea of what comes next. I’m lucky enough to have gotten some great ideas from some great co-workers. Many thanks to Rob Wells, Melissa Dempsey and Tony Mackenzie as well as to Jami Oetting, Agency Post’s community manager.

We’ve got a great lineup of topics to share in the coming months, but we thought we’d start off with a glossary for all of the non-casino readers – a bit of a 101 to get us started.

You can read the post here. Let me know if you have any topics you’d like to see that might be helpful to newbies or agencies trying to break into the casino biz.

My First Column

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