Friday Five – 12/2/11

Wow! December already. Where has this year gone? Here is my Friday Five – five articles I came across this week that inspired me, made me think or just made me do a double-take.

There’s a Busch brewing again. I’m not a beer drinker, but I currently reside in St. Louis and know it’s a part of the fabric of this city. When InBev successfully attempted to takeover Anheuser-Busch, it was quite a blow to the city and its residents. I once took the tour of the brewery and learned so much about the history of this storied business. Recently, I read that a Busch has started brewing again. I wonder what he’ll build this into? Read about it here.

I mentioned American Eagle Outfitters in my recent post about building brand champions. I think they’re doing great things to engage their employees. It’s no surprise that they had such a great approach to Black Friday. Here are some lessons learned that day from Vovici.

I’ve been working on the new iteration of our online presence and how mobile plays a role. One of our directors recently sent me news of a competitor releasing a new shiny app. I’ve got more than one person coming to me on a weekly basis with a great idea for an app. No one has come to me with an idea as to what the goal of an app would be. Jason Gurwin hit it right on target when he said “Building a Mobile App Is Not a Mobile Strategy” in this Harvard Business Review blog post.

It’s the end of the year, and everyone has started making lists. How could I work in marketing and not have an opinion about Adweek‘s 10 best commercials of 2011 or the ones selected by Business Insider as the best of 2011?

By the way, if you’re wondering what the impact has been of InBev’s ownership of AB, one of them seems to be (sadly) that the Clydesdales will not be participating in the “Rose Parade”.

If you’re not a New Orleanian, you may not know of Arthur Davis, but if you’ve see a New Orleans Saints home game or watched the Hornets play at home, chances are you’ve seen his work. Davis left an indelible mark in the skyline of New Orleans. Along with his partner Nathaniel Curtis, he designed the (now Mercedes-Benz) Superdome, New Orleans Arena, New Orleans Public Library, Rivergate and countless other schools, churches and buildings in the city. He passed away at the age of 91. Take a moment to read about him here.

Friday Five – 12/2/11

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