So What If You Have Friendly Employees?

Smiling Isle Employees
Smiling Isle of Capri Casinos, Inc. Employees

As countless businesses continue to advertise their friendly employees, customers can easily jump to a conclusion of a great product. This isn’t always the case. How many times have you sat down to a meal in a restaurant, greeted by the most intoxicatingly friendly server only to have one of the worst meals in recent history?

Today we expect “service with a smile”— and many times, that expectation is satisfied. But when customers are forced to wait in long lines, can fast and friendly overcome the burden?

Casino marketers seem to particularly ignore this paradox. Tuesdays are slow. Let’s do a 2-for1 buffet for lunch! Sure we’ll get the crowds, but what happens when the person with an hour for lunch finds herself still standing in line 45 minutes later. How is that smiling cashier going to solve this problem?

How about Thursdays? Let’s send out a bonus offer, but we want to make sure we’re tracking it. So, we make a customer stop by the players club booth first, and if we really want to be cruel, we’ll make them stop at the cage next before they finally get to sit at a slot machine. Lines. Lines. Everywhere a line.

Let’s face it. Friendly employees are the price of entry. I realize I say this as a marketer of what is becoming a paragon courtesy program, See.Say.Smile. But, as a consumer myself, I think that a  great experience is the source of satisfaction. Customers who are having a good time, smile back at those smiling employees in a way that makes your casino a great place to work. So rather than throwing up a billboard with your smiling employees, think about what you can do to create some smiling customers…and thereby keep your employees smiling.

So What If You Have Friendly Employees?

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