Friday Five – 11/25/11

My apologies for being absent the last couple of weeks. I guess I didn’t expect to be so distracted. However, I have compiled my list for this week. I hope you enjoy these news clips and that they make you think of great ways to become better marketers.

Do you remember Delta’s iconic tagline “We Love To Fly, And It Shows”? I’d love for airlines to show me how much they love to fly because right now, it’s hard to see it while I try to manuever my way into some sort of comfortable sitting position, or when the person in front of me leans their seat back until it’s practically on me. It’s not that passenger’s fault. He or she is just working with what the airline gave them. I’ve been watching ABC’s Pan Am and I can’t help remembering how I used to love to fly. My mother would get me dressed up in a pretty dress, and I typically had a hat and white gloves. I remember peering into the cockpit with so much amazement. So much of the reasons people loved to fly are gone. I for one would love to see it come back. Read about how Delta is approaching the customer experience.

I’ve worked in the casino industry now for quite a number of years. Every single company I’ve worked for has created jobs, paid lots of tax dollars (LOTS!) and has become outstanding members of the communities. I know the media has to give the opposition equal time, but these kinds of editorials just make me realize how little some folks know of the real casino industry.

…and then there are times when we just lose our focus. People are not huge fans of the gaming options being outside of the normal casino areas. Looks like some of the casinos are moving some games out to the public areas and folks are just not too keen on the additional availability. Read about it here…

I love the way Kimberly-Clark is driving business by making marketing a part of everything. I wonder what would happen if CMOs hired the GMs in casinos.

Finally, I’ve been thinking a great deal about brand champions and employee engagement.At the heart of all these efforts is building a culture brand. Here are some good ways to start.

See you next week!

Friday Five – 11/25/11

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