Friday Five – 11/4/11

Here are the five clips that made me wonder, question, worry or smile this week.

Chevy’s changing approach to advertising to women is a great walk through the history of advertising. Read about it here.
Each day, I see articles about how more and more restaurants are evolving into more of a quicker, casual atmosphere with lower prices. Rather than scaling down his product, Eric Ripert is continuously focused on the star of the show but understands that his product has to stay relevant as opposed to cheaper. Read about his changes here.
Another clip that made me smile. I’m from New Orleans and still amazed at the different languages we speak that are still called “English”. I hope you enjoy this article as much as I do.
Boomers may be slow to adopt some things, but when they do, they do it with the power of the Boomer market. This has to give casino marketers (who live off of this demographic) a moment of thought. For those who have discounted social media and mobile marketing, read this…
Hotel guests recruited with Homeland Security spots. Wow! I just can’t imagined these interspersed with the relaxing spa images and cocktails at the bar that you usually see on the typical in-room channels. Read more here…
Friday Five – 11/4/11

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