Friday Five – 10/28/11

This was a great find to start the week. A 100-yr old runner became the oldest person to complete a full-distance marathon. Wow! I was impressed when I ran two laps around the track without quitting. It just goes to show there’s always one more step you can take to be better. Don’t let age slow you down. Read more here…

Anybody Listening? We’re constantly being told that social is the new media and that the traditional media is going the way of the dinosaur. From the looks of these numbers, that’s not happening just yet. Plus, if you dig into the numbers, you’ll see that the population growing the most is the one that is dominating the social space. Could it be that as humans we’re just absorbing more and more media as we evolve? Read more…

Steve Olenski lives his workday in the digital marketing world reminds us why direct mail continues to play such an important role. I work (obviously) in casino marketing. Not a day goes by that I don’t realize how important direct mail is to our business. You’ve got mail! Read more…

We love great ads. It’s why the Super Bowl continues to drive such high ratings even if the game is a snore. The world of beer advertising truly amazes me. I love the work. As a consumer, I am entertained and engaged, and yet…I don’t buy the beer. This past Thursday was National American Beer Day. Seems like there’s a whole world out there that I haven’t tried yet. Read how Bud Light is going back to selling beer in its ads here.

Fertitta Interactive, a Las Vegas-based Internet gaming startup company part-owned by the Station Casinos’ Fertitta brothers, acquired California-based online software provider CyberArts Licensing. Fertitta Interactive is also owned by former Golden Nugget owners Tom Breitling and Tim Poster. This brings together a good talent pool of developers, people who know the internet space very well and some pretty good funding. In my mind I have thoughts as to who could be the number one and two players once online gaming is legalized. This could change those positions. Read more…

This one’s just funny, and I had to throw it in. Think of it as lagniappe. Read it here.

I type this anxiously anticipating that the St. Louis Cardinals might win an 11th World Series title tonight. Go Cards!

Friday Five – 10/28/11

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