Time to Move On

Today is the day I decided that I have to make a move…to mobile. It’s time for us to give our guests easy access to us in the palm of their hands. It’s something I’ve shied away from because the smartphone adoption rate had been low as it relates to the traditional casino customer compared to the general public as a whole.

However, I’ve seen a shift. If I reference comScore report, “The 2010 Mobile Year in Review(February 2011), the adoption amongst our customers lagged a little behind the 27% they reported. If I look at the more recent Pew Research Center findings, and compare our latest findings, we’re actually over-indexing in smartphone adoption. This was a huge leap in the 6 months between our own research.

As if that wasn’t enough, I sat next to a really sweet lady the other day on a flight. To me she is the prototypical casino customer. She even had an old Harrah’s Treasure Hunt luggage tag on her carry-on (which told me how long she’s been a casino player). She couldn’t understand why her phone was still on central time even though we had landed in Las Vegas. Although we did have to explain that it would update once the phone was on the local network, the most interesting thing to me is that she was holding an iPhone in the palm of her small, ageing hands. I was really curious to look at her phone and see what sort of apps she had on it, but I dared not ask. I should’ve!

Thanks to the easy platform of the iPhone and the simplicity of apps, you can no longer discount the ageing as being mobile anymore.

Now the work begins. I started to say “hard work”, but I don’t think it will be if I listen to my customers to see what they want.

What’s your favorite hotel or casino mobile app and why is it your favorite?

Time to Move On

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