Get Winning with Your Employees

I’m so excited! We rolled out new creative to some of our properties. I’m not excited because of the creative itself – which was wonderfully created by the talented team at The Media & Marketing Group. I’m excited because the core of the refinement we’ve done to the brand is with our employees and the winning excitement they deliver every day with each guest.

I work with a few brands, but the primary brands are Isle and Lady Luck. In the world of casino branding, I couldn’t have been given a better gift than Lady Luck. It’s at once iconic and fun.

I’ll admit I’ve struggled in finding the Isle voice, and after all this work, the brand was staring me in the face the whole time: our employees.

Casino customers visit their favorite casinos to win. Right? Hmmm….not really. Yes, they would like to win, but what they really want is a winning experience – one that gives them entertainment value for their dollar, whether that is time on device, a great meal or being a part of the excitement.

Our employees have embraced our signature courtesy program, See. Say. Smile., and now they have truly become our biggest and most valuable asset.

Meet some of our employee superstars. Who wouldn’t be inspired by them?

Take a peek at some of our back of house materials.

Get Winning with Your Employees

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