All or Nothing, part II

A few weeks ago I had a little fit over the need for marketers to want to pick one media channel to deliver their message. You can read it here. Today I read Tim Moran’s thoughts about the Pepsi Refresh Project at

It pains me to think that Pepsi may have wasted its time on this very deserving project – an opportunity for small projects to receive the kind of funding that may have ordinarily been out of their reach. In fact, I’m proud to say that I helped St. Louis’ Operation Brightside get some well-deserved exposure (albeit no funding) through participation int he Pepsi Refresh Project.

However, as a casino marketer, I can’t overlook the traditional media channels that have been so successful for me – direct mail, television, outdoor, and yes…newspaper. I also can’t overlook the new media that is becoming a part of the lives of my customers – Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and more.

The question is will Pepsi find a way to drive that great community support AND see an increase in sales? Will other companies, including my own, balance all of the marketing channels?

All or Nothing, part II

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