Today, we start shooting new brand spots for our casinos. It’s an exhilarating time both for me and our agency, The Media & Marketing Group…a mixture of anticipation, excitement, energy and 2nd guessing yourself.

We’ve been working on this for quite a while. We’ve been looking at other advertisers for inspiration, both within and outside of our industry. We’ve been fine-tuning the brand positioning and checking the storyboards against it. Are we really communicating what we want? Scratch that. Are we communicating what a potential or existing customer might want? What will make them pick us? Will these commercials break through the clutter or will they seem like every other casino?

Yep…that’s the 2nd guessing piece.

Compelling. Stylish. Surreal. Somehow this commercial needs to meet all of these qualifications. All this in 30 seconds, including a donut for property-specific programming. Seems like that’s asking for a lot.

We looked at a variety of potential production guru/partners and decided the brain trust at MK12 in Kansas City was just the ticket for us.

We’ve listened to countless pieces of music. Will the music be iconic? Will the music be ambient?

We’ve listened to voiceovers….exciting…compelling…boring…

Ugh! The decision points just go on and on.

Casting! Too young? Too old? Personality? Can I work with them?

Wardrobe…dressy? Casual? dressy-casual? Casually dressy? Is there even such a thing?

And now the day is here. No turning back. We’ve made all of the “pre-production” decisions. Now, the so-called rubber hits the road. Fingers crossed and deep breath taken.


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