Why must it be “all or nothing”?

Newspapers are dead. No one is reading newspapers. You have to be on TV.

TV is death to advertisers. People time-shifting all the time. They’ll never see your spot.

Traditional media is dead. Social is where you have to be.

You can’t measure social’s ROI. Direct mail is the only thing that will give you concrete results.

I could very well hear one or more of these on any day. Everyone is pitching their story. Everyone is either trying to tell me where I should place my message or telling me why they’re cutting something out of their marketing plan. Why does it have to be all or nothing? Whatever happened to a well-balance integrated marketing plan that utilizes all the tools in your toolbox?

Sometimes marketing is like making a really good dish – a pinch of this, a little of that…all in the right balance to play off of each flavor, all creating a memorable meal.

Why must it be “all or nothing”?

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