Isn’t it nice to look back on your day and realize it was that much better because you were inspired by something or someone. We get so caught up in meetings, calls, emails, errands and obligations that we seldom noticed that little thing that made us realize we could keep going.

Here’s what has inspired me lately.

My dear friend who has had to manage through a huge life change. She has done this with a style and grace I envy.

My co-worker who grew up with a friend not expected to live a long life. She’s beaten the odds and has inspired him to do a lot of good things and help others. In the process, he has inspired me.

The president of my company who manages to run a huge company, turn the culture around to one of empowerment, juggles numerous civic and charitable obligations, and still tends to the most delicate of plants in her beautiful garden. Where does she get that energy?

Dear Sarah. Without us ever realizing it, she made herself at home in our hearts. She struggled with many things and found her way to light and love. RIP our sweet angel.

This is by no means the end of the list of people who inspire me. I intend to be more conscious of these sources of inspiration and to share them with you.

I’d like to know who inspires you.


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