Creating the Fun

Last year, I was able to attend a conference on Internal Branding and Employee Engagement. I was quite honored when the organizers asked me speak recently. Then, I became really worried when I saw the list of speakers. They were from some big companies. I mean BIG. Big name. Big brand value. The company I work for is not BIG. We’re actually kind of medium-sized. I like to say we’re “small but mighty”. Nonetheless, I was still concerned that what I had to present wouldn’t be as powerful as what McDonald’s could say…or what HP might present. AIG would surely have a great story about keeping employees engaged in turbulent times.

Then I remembered something. We’re in the entertainment business! So, I put together a presentation I thought would entertain and engage – illustrating how one of our smallest properties set in a pretty competitive market could take a focused look at what they wanted to deliver from a brand perspective and do it with the energy of an engaged workforce and without the need of huge budgets.

Here is the presentation. Make sure you click on the video on the See.Say.Smile. slide (slide 21). We loved making it and using it as a training tool.

I would also be remiss in not crediting the beautiful Wynn Las Vegas work done by Slover and Co. It always brings me so much pride.

Creating the Fun

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