Getting From the Drawing Board to the Dining Table.

Food concepts. From the kitchen to the table. It’s not as easy as it sounds to develop a concept that will be appealing, easy to operate and profitable. In casinos, buffets seem to be the traditional mainstay. They’ve evolved from “cafeteria lines” to “all action all the time”. There is a science to placing the salads, the soups, the desserts. Do you offer 30 items or 300 items? How do you keep everything fresh and appealing? There is so much more going on behind the scenes. It’s really amazing. I can’t even think about the kitchen requirements to handle a buffet.

I used to think developing a five-star restaurant was a challenge. I’m starting to think developing the buffet that your customers want is the true challenge. Something they want to use their comps and points on. Something they might want to PAY CASH for. You have to create something that appeals to your VIP customers, AND it has to appeal to the masses just as well.

Then there is the creative associated with the communications efforts. Too often folks will get lost in the logo and the ads.

“I like this.”

“I don’t like that.”

“Can you make it more – fill in the blank?”

“Change the color.”

“Change the font.”

“Stack it.”

“Unstack it.”

The truth is the logo is the easy part. It’s figuring out the experience you’re going to deliver from meal time to meal time, from one day to the other, that’s the important thing. Once you commit to that consistency. The rest is easy.

Are you a casino-lover? What are your favorite buffets? What do you like about them?

Getting From the Drawing Board to the Dining Table.

One thought on “Getting From the Drawing Board to the Dining Table.

  1. Hi Julia,

    Wouldn’t say I’m a casino lover, dont get there too much these days… with two kids at home, the focus is more on family-related activities these days 🙂

    BUT… I an unequivocally state I LOVE BUFFETS!

    And you are so right re: the science behind the food, be it the placement as well as the selection…

    The buffets that appeal to me may not be those that appeal to others and therein of course lies the challenge… pleasing everyone!

    I’m sure there are many times when you think you have every possible food group covered, someone comes along and asks for something that is not available…

    For me, the best buffets offer a variety of course but a variety of as many different kinds of “categories” as possible…

    And a big stickler for me is replenishment…

    Does the buffet staff replenish the food in a timely manner?

    If I go up looking for Tater Tots and they’re not there… look out! 🙂

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