What Does It Mean to Be a Winner?

Winning. In my business, we deal with the concept of winning every day – how do we get more winners; how to we communicate more winners; how do we get people to think of our casinos as “the winning place”.

But, not every business is a casino. You can walk into a restaurant today and walk out feeling like a winner because you got something for free or something that was unexpected. Perhaps, you got a little “marketing lagniappe”. Now, if you’re from New Orleans, you know what this term “lagniappe” means. It’s probably the second word you learned as a child, but for those of you not so well-versed in our culture, I’ll tell you that lagniappe is that little something you throw in for free…a small token of appreciation.

If you haven’t checked out www.purplegoldfish.com, you should. See how everyday businesses, both large and small, are adding that little something extra that makes you feel like a winner. By the way, if you’ve experienced this lagniappe, let them know. They’re on a quest to identify 1001 purple goldfish…and they’re well on their way.

But, I digress. Back to winning. Help me with a project. I’m trying to figure out what it is, beyond a jackpot, that can make a guest feel like a winner. Tell me what makes you feel like a winner.

What Does It Mean to Be a Winner?

One thought on “What Does It Mean to Be a Winner?

  1. Thanks Julia for highlighting the Purple Goldfish Project.
    I feel like a winner when I’m recognized as an individual, paid attention to and given a little unexpected extra.

    ‘The average distance between the brain and the heart is 9 inches’

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