Absence Makes the Brand Grow Stronger | David Cameron’s On Brands Blog

I think about this constantly. Casinos are such a commodity these days.

We all have the same slot machines. OK. So, some of us are a little more generous than others in terms of how we payout, but they’re basically the same machines.

We all have the same basic table games.

We all pretty much have some sort of buffet outlet.

We all have players cards. You put your card in. You put your money in. You get points. You use those points for a variety of other items.

We all send you FABULOUS offers in the mail!

If my casino closed tomorrow, would my customers be upset because of it? What makes us different?

Absence Makes the Brand Grow Stronger | David Cameron’s On Brands Blog.

Absence Makes the Brand Grow Stronger | David Cameron’s On Brands Blog

4 thoughts on “Absence Makes the Brand Grow Stronger | David Cameron’s On Brands Blog

  1. Hi Julia,

    You touch on something that obviously many businesses, companies, etc struggle with every single day…

    What makes my company different than the next?

    What is my Universal Selling Proposition/Point?


    My father, God rest his soul, worked for many years in the A&P food chain, serving in a very high ranking position with many stores in his charge…

    He would preach constantly that people wont mind paying a little more money for their groceries if the store is clean and if the staff is friendly/helpful.

    He obviously realized, as you have, that there’s very little difference in the product offering from one supermarket (casino) to the next.

    So, he focused more on cleanliness and the people; he kept instilling in his workers the need to differentiate from the others… to be friendly, helpful, to yes, (cliche time) to go the extra mile….

    Now, I must tell you, this was many moons ago when my father was working, and obviously times have changed, especially in the past few years with the recession hitting so price absolutely plays a larger role now BUT…

    If my father were alive today, I bet he would still hold true to his beliefs… a clean store with friendly, helpful employees.

    So, back to your question ‘if your casino closed, would your customers be upset?’

    Obviously I cannot answer that, nor you… I tell you there’s one way to find out… ask them.

    Flat out ask them. Ask THEM to tell YOU why they come back again and again.

    Ask THEM to tell YOU what makes you different.

    Instead of theorizing as some businesses do re: what their patrons think, just come out and ask them.

    I’m sure you’ve done Satisfaction Surveys in the past but I’m betting (no pun intended) that you never asked the question…

    “Would you be upset if [[insert name here]] closed tomorrow and why or why not?”

    Sorry to be so wordy!

    All the best,
    Steve O

    1. Friendly. Helpful. It’s amazing how often that comes up and how often managers worry about other things. Your dad would still be correct today. When we implemented See.Say.Smile., guests actually saw a difference and told us. And…we did it with no capital.

  2. Great post. When I first entered the casino marketing game I was taken back by casino’s willingness to level the playing field by focusing all their marketing on promotion and little to none on brand differentiation.

    You are what you say you are until I as the consumer visit you. Then hopefully your experience wins me over. At the end of the day, think that’s what a casino really is… A delivered experience.


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