My Year in Review

2010 has moved faster than I can ever recall. It was a whirlwind of change and highs and lows of varying degrees.

Watching the Saints win the Super Bowl. The memory still brings tears to my eyes, and I know that no matter what happens this (or any) season, Saints fans around the world will always have that moment.

The sight of oil-covered pelicans that struggled for so long to come off the endangered list.

Watching miner after miner come out of the ground in Chile into the arms of loved ones.

It was an exciting year for me to work at Isle of Capri Casinos.

We had the chance to really update the Isle of Capri brand to something that felt a little more energized and fresh. Working with mostly first-generation riverboats, this task is easier said than done when everyone would just love to have a one-level Las Vegas-style casino. Unfortunately, capital was not that easy to get in this economy. So we had to do it with operations and a little creativity. Happy to say that we did it!

Our Otis & Henry’s restaurant brand is coming along fabulously! At the close of the year we now have a fourth outlet located in Lake Charles, LA. The Lone Wolf brand is growing as well, with a third location now open in Kansas City, MO.

I was reunited with two old friends, the first was the woman who introduced me to the casino business. The other was someone I worked with at Harrah’s New Orleans. I have great memories of both and hope to create new ones.

I was given the chance to be part of some really big, game-changing projects.

We finally photographed all of our executives in a way which I think better reflects the soul and personality of our organization.

Virginia, I might have to call the turn, if not for the economy, at least for the company.

I realized how blessed I am to work with some really great people.

I established some great virtual relationships with many great thinkers because of the global use of social media.

As we reach the end of the year, I have some very cool projects on my plate: a great repositioning of one of our brands, a new dining brand to differentiate our offerings, the introduction of an improved program for our guests, and the excitement of working with a few nonprofits.

And as I sit here watching the weather reports track a huge storm system while trying to figure out what I should do in case of a tornado (my pets have decided to go with the “every man for himself” plan and dive under the bed), I am reminded that we’re all just a part of God’s greater plan. I think he has some good things in store for 2011.

I’m thankful that I’ll be sharing it with you.

My Year in Review

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