Getting That First Job

I had my first meeting with the young lady I am mentoring. It was really fun, energetic and memorable.

One of the biggest challenges she will be facing is the prospect of getting that first post-graduate job. Do you remember that? It’s been a while, but yes, I remember. It didn’t go as I had hoped, but it eventually worked out.

We ordered lunch in and invited some of my co-workers to share some of their experiences interviewing for the first time, and in some cases, doing the interviewing.

Here’s the list we came up with.
– Understand you may be starting at the bottom. If you’re smart you’ll learn a great deal about how an organization works and you’ll develop great skills. Internships and volunteer opportunities are great for this.
– Build relationships. They will take you far and help open doors when you need them opened for you.
– Job postings only tell you part of the story. Do some research on the type of job because nothing is worse than taking a job that you weren’t prepared for – for both you and your employer.
– Take a moment to learn about the company. You want to know who you’re working for. You need to love what they do. Cultural fit is important for everyone.

By the way, my first job was Adopt An Animal Coordinator for the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans. I got the job because of the relationships I had built doing volunteer work in their advertising and PR department. Let me tell you, that volunteer gig exposed me to a ton of great opportunities, and I learned a tremendous amount.

What was your first job? What do you remember about it?

Getting That First Job

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