Music is a Time Machine

I heard something today that made me realize how valuable music can be to your advertising. Music is a time machine.

Working with a few different brands, I’ve had a chance to go the licensed music route and the original composition route. I think licensed music wins every time.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve liked all of the original compositions I’ve been lucky to work with to some degree. When we opened Harrah’s New Orleans Casino, our jingle was in tune with the property and the locale. I can still hear it today. It got everyone excited about this thrilling new experience, but it didn’t bring back any deep memories. Of course, it wasn’t meant to.

Orchestral music at Wynn Las Vegas. Calypso music at the start of my tenure at Isle of Capri. As we fine-tuned our brands at Isle, we decided to go with two licensed tunes. We tested them and tested them until we found the right music that made people hum along as their toes tapped under the table.

When you recognize a tune, you’re almost transported to the exact point in time when that tune resonated with you. It’s amazing. Isn’t it? That summertime ride with the car top down and the sun on your skin. That slow dance with your date. A first kiss. It’s a warm feeling, and when a product uses it in its commercials, you remember those feelings with a slight smile.

Used well, music can forge a deep connection with your customer and your product.

What products are using some of your favorite tunes?

Music is a Time Machine

2 thoughts on “Music is a Time Machine

  1. Hi Julia,

    This is a great topic and I think many folks would have a thought or two on this…

    Like you, I feel the same way re: licensed music vs. original. I too like original music of course but in the context of advertising, licensed music provides that instant recognition as you mention….

    I think drawing on that recognition and instilling that sense of comfort, good times, etc again as you state can be a huge plus for any advertiser.

    Dont ask me how but I was able to find this site…

    Looks like a great repository of songs used in commercials.

    As for my favorite… too many to name!

    But I can tell you I LOVE this song and the way its used in this spot… had never heard of the song before seeing this commercial but I think it fits perfectly with what you see onscreen:

    Great post Julia!

    All the best,
    Steve O

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