What I Learned at Brand Camp

We should be inspired by our goals

I’ve traveling a lot lately. Too much in fact. One of these recent trips was to a marketing conference. I’ve been to a few of those before. They’re typically a mixture of one or two headliners and a great many people who are little known and have done good work mixed with some little known people who haven’t really done anything that you know of and that would’ve been a good excuse to get on an early flight.

This particular conference was really great, and I’d probably recommend it to anyone who would care to ask my opinion. Brand Manage Camp was chock-full (yes, I said, “chock-full”) of really great content. For me, and my interests, it was an assortment of thought leaders I would never have had access to. For fear of leaving anyone off, I encourage you to visit their website to see the agenda.

I liked hearing these folks and learning so much, but I loved realizing I’m doing some things pretty well!

With all this learning (and boy was there volumes of it), one of my biggest takeaways was realizing how comfortable and dynamic they were giving these presentations. I want to give those types of presentations. I want to inspire the people who are in my audience. So, one of my goals is to get there. I’ll have to do a great deal of work to get there, but isn’t it great to have a goal that inspires you?

What goals have you set that charge your battery every day…that you really (in your heart) want to achieve?

What I Learned at Brand Camp

3 thoughts on “What I Learned at Brand Camp

  1. Hi Julia,

    I have set many goals for myself both from a personal as well as a professional standpoint.

    On the personal side my goals are to try and be the best possible father and husband and friend and brother and so on I can possibly be…

    Professionally, I want to write… I am a writer by nature, literally having never received one second of formalized training.

    So I want to write… I have ideas in my head ranging from children’s books to screenplays to just a book about me and my personal journey, which I think would resonate with many.

    Of course it would be laced with sarcasm as I am one to always infuse humor into ANY situation… life’s way too short to be serious, right?

    Thanks for this post, Julia and have a great day!

    Steve O

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