When did we forget we were in the hospitality business?

“My customers are not spending like they used to.”

What’s wrong with this sentence? We see it, say it and read it every day. We look to the reasons: unemployment, the “recession”, consumer confidence, competition… Do we ever notice what’s really wrong? How about the fact that we’re in the hospitality business and somehow we’ve forgotten that our customers were once our “guests.”

Do guests still visit your home for special occasions or for the holidays? Do you greet them at the door with a smile? Do you offer them a seat? Something to drink? When they get ready to leave do you wish them well or invite them to return?

Is this how you treat guests when they come thought the doors of our establishments?

Think about those moments where you’ve received good, friendly, just genuine service. Didn’t you just love it? Did you walk just a little lighter? Did you tell someone about it?

Now think about the last time you got terrible service? How did you feel? How many people did you tell?

Which feeling do you want your guest to go away with?

Other than the gold standard Ritz Carlton and Four Seasons service models? Who do you think is doing a great job?

(Disclaimer: I work for Isle of Capri Casinos and we have a courtesy program which I think is really good. You can check it out at http://islecorp.com/profile-seesaysmile.aspx.)

When did we forget we were in the hospitality business?

One thought on “When did we forget we were in the hospitality business?

  1. Milo says:

    I like to refer to myself as a Disciple of the Religion of Hospitality. To me it is my calling, it speaks to me and I am passionate about it as others are about their own brand of religion. I believe if you have no passion for Hospitality and treat it only as a business you will only see customers and dollar signs and lose your faithul as your flock seeks to be enlightened by those with conviction and passion in their church.

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