Finding Inspiration When You Least Expect It

You know how so many companies use those stock images of happy employees for back of house or internal communication? We use them too, with a mixture of “talent” shots.

We wanted to help our employees understand how they fit into our plans. So rather than relying on the stock shots, we thought we’d create a new library of employee images. We decided to use actual employees, but not just a handful. We wanted a handful from each of our 15 properties. That’s somewhere north of 150 employees. That’s expensive and time-consuming. We’ve been working on this for months. We’re not about 2/3 of the way through. The last shoot I was on was a marathon to get 32 untrained “models” shot, but it was an extraordinary experience. They were energetic, frenetic, engaging, overjoyed and more to be part of this project. In turn, they inspired me to get through event he most frustrating of conference calls.

The selection committee was blown away by the submissions. Our employees really “get it.” They know what an important role they play in the guest experience. Wow! It’s great to realize that all the dots are connecting.

Finding Inspiration When You Least Expect It

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