The Making of a Rock Star

I love meeting smart, young, aspiring, energetic newbies!

I just met a new employee who I think could be a rock star. She’s smart. She’s willing to learn. She’s detailed-oriented (a trait I’ve always found to be critical in my line of work). I think she could grow into a stellar employee (for us or anyone).

Maybe it’s been too long since I’ve met someone like this, but I want to help her grow like all of the others I’ve worked with have done for me.

Mentoring is a big responsibility, but it’s a responsibility we all bear because at some point in all of our lives we’ve all been taught by someone who took the time to share a part of themselves.

Who shared with you? With whom will you share your knowledge?

The Making of a Rock Star

3 thoughts on “The Making of a Rock Star

  1. I remember my first mentor. It was Gary at the Miami Herald. He had been working there over 30 years. I just knew he had so much knowledge and I liked him. He was always amazed how much a young guy would like hanging out with him and all of his old buddies, but I used it as time to learn. Little did he know that I was like a sponge for every word of wisdom he shared. It helped me to be successful as a sales person and I try to teach every chance I get with customers and my own employees. If you don’t share your knowledge because you think it is precious you lose out on the magic it creates when you do.

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